Safety is Our First Priority!

With more than 20 years of aviation experience, Group 3 Aviation has developed comprehensive safety management practices. We require all of our staff to conform to our safety policies and procedures, which are tailored to every aspect of the business.

Aircraft Maintenance:

Group 3 aircraft maintenance is performed by qualified maintenance providers who maintain high-level FAA certifications. Mechanics attended manufacturer authorized factory maintenance courses and maintain annual training. Aircraft are kept on detailed maintenance schedules. Should any unscheduled maintenance conditions arise, our aircraft are immediately withdrawn from service until repairs are performed. We believe safety begins with good maintenance.

Aircraft Operations:

Group 3 pilots and operational staff are trained to track aircraft operational status. No aircraft is dispatched prior to checking airworthiness status. Additionally, all aircraft operations are performed according to manufacturer performance and limitations. Dispatch checks also include flight planning and comprehensive weather checks.

Passenger Safety:

The safety of Group 3 passengers and crew is our first priority. Passengers receive a safety brief prior to boarding and restrictions apply. Aircraft are equipped with safety equipment including safety belts, fire extinguishers, first aid and survival kit, and headsets. Additionally, when we fly to remote areas, we carry a satellite phone, locator beacon, and when flying over water, life vests for all passengers.


Group 3 only employs disciplined and skilled professional pilots. All pilots are employees of the company (we do not use “freelance” pilots) and are required to comply with company safety policy and FAA regulations. Pilots undergo annual company training reviewing operations, safety procedures, emergency operations and company policies.


Operational staff is trained in scheduling and flight dispatch duties. They support flight operations and ensure operational control is maintained at all times at the base of operations.

Drug and Alcohol Policy:

Group 3 policies require all pilots and mechanics performing safety sensitive duties to complete pre-hire and, once employed, random drug and alcohol screening per FAA Regulations. Group 3 has a zero-tolerance policy on the misuse of drugs and alcohol.